HealthCheck360 is the premier Wellness and Health Risk Management solution.  We help people and companies stay healthy, get healthier and perform better.  Our solutions engage clients and participants from the start to enhance individual and organizational change for the better.  Better health, better benefits and better productivity.

HealthCheck360 was born in 2006 out of our frustrations with the other tools available in the marketplace for addressing the health risks in our employee population.

What is it? It is a biometric-based health risk assessment combined with additional services, including health coaching, follow up programming and health coordination (basically event planning assistance for employers).

What isn’t it? It is not condition/disease management, although it can provide great data for condition/disease management firms.  We also have a disease management firm that can provide the Disease Management service for companies or TPAs, but most already have a resource for that.

What makes HealthCheck360 different and more effective than other Wellness options? Here are a few:

  • We specialize in incentive-based wellness programs – we consider voluntary programs largely a feel-good exercise that won’t deliver results
  • Our scoring model is 100% biometric based, ensuring objectivity and eliminating reporting errors
  • We provide a turnkey implementation and communication plan that simplifies implementation and adoption, taking the burden of off the already overloaded HR staff
  • HealthCheck360 is carrier independent (keeps risk data separate from risk bearer) – clients can move carriers, change plans, or the like, but keep their data over multiple years
  • Provides executive and aggregate reporting that gives management a HIPAA compliant, forward looking view of projected population health risks
  • Integrates seamlessly with outside health management and predictive modeling systems – we will provide the HRA data quickly to our clients so they can use it in disease management or other predictive modeling applications

A summary of results at our own company highlights the effectiveness of our approach:

  • We have averaged 80+% participation rates
  • Over 70% of individuals identified as high-risk for diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure made lifestyle changes to improve their biometric scores 12 months later
  • Our employee benefit costs have averaged annual increases of less than 2% per year for 4 years running
  • Our disease management nurses now have much better data to work with. For example, the number of diabetics under management tripled when the biometric data was added to the predictive modeling system. Our system identifies the latent health risks in a population before they turn into large claims.

In a nutshell, HealthCheck360 is the new standard in health management and wellness. Don’t take my word for it, here are some comments from happy clients:

“I received more information from my Health Risk Assessment than I ever got from my doctor. It really made me think more proactively about my health.”
Nicole P. HealthCheck360 Participant

We wanted to do the right thing for our employees and work towards containing ever-rising health costs. HealthCheck360° was a way for us to provide education and accountability for our employees to take responsibility for their own health and future wellness. The program was implemented smoothly and we had an even higher participation rate then we thought we would. Overall, we are very pleased with the program and are looking forward to continuing and watching the trends.
Bob and Doug Edwards
Edwards Cast Stone, Inc.
Dubuque, IA

We chose to implement HealthCheck360° at our own firm. The employee response was overwhelmingly positive. The HRA provided an explanation of participant health that is difficult or impossible to receive from primary care providers. Moreover, the aggregate results enabled us to rethink our priorities in our benefit plan design and working environment to better suit our employees’ needs and wants.
Chet Rhoads, Executive Vice President of Benefits
HDH Group
Pittsburgh, PA

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