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Mistakes – we all make them. We make them at work, at home, and everywhere in between. And when it comes to the goals we set regarding diet and exercise, this rule certainly holds true for the vast majority of us.

This past week, Jim Wachtel (our sales representative) and I had a great experience traveling to Montana to visit some of our clients. However, had we been grading the healthy choices we made during this trip, we surely would have failed. From the rocky mountain oysters (thanks Jim…?) to the Big (read: massive) Steak Breakfast, the nutritional value of the foods we ate was ground zero. And we knew it too – the guilt I felt for eating my meals was almost overwhelming.

Fortunately, this guilt got me thinking. Do we really deserve to feel awful about enjoying these unique and memorable experiences? For many (myself included), these culinary conquests are part of what make traveling so enjoyable.

I, for one, don’t think we should feel this guilt. After all – as much as we to be healthy and to live an active life, we also want to experience all that life has to offer, especially when it comes to food. While years of these “mistakes” certainly accumulate and end up manifesting as something we’d all like to avoid (heart attack, diabetes, preventable diseases in general), we do want to enjoy these simple pleasures that life has to offer. A dietary mistake doesn’t need to, nor should it, last for days, and perhaps you would even like to stray from these mistakes altogether, but don’t let a diet interfere with your ability to live a happy life (for those of you who, like myself, need an occasional piece of chocolate…or a big steak breakfast).

And that brings me back to my point about mistakes. While mistakes are inevitable, they don’t define us, or our health. We can enjoy the food options we have available while also fulfilling our responsibility to care for our bodies. In fact, embrace these slips, because we shouldn’t feel guilty about something that makes us happy, even if only for the moment when it melts, crunches, or sticks in our mouths. The best part about these mistakes we make is that they’re easy to fix. Heck, if we could undo all of our “mistakes” with an extra half hour spent exercising, I’m not sure we’d call them mistakes in the first place (although, we would be exercising a heck of a lot more). When you slip up, just know that it’s not the end of the world. Enjoy your so called “mistake,” and then jump back into the routine – problem solved.

Check out the pictures from our trip below! And check out some tips for eating healthy on the road here.

Zach gets a “mountain steak” breakfast in Montana

We stopped at Rainbow Falls on our way to dinner with Benefis Health System

We set up booth at the Davidson Companies Benefits Fair in Great Falls, Montana

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